Cities with the Smallest Closets: Where to Live When Space is Limited

When it comes to living in a city, space is often at a premium. Small apartments and tight living quarters are a reality for many urban dwellers, and one of the biggest challenges can be finding enough storage space. In particular, closets can be a major issue for those living in cities, as many older buildings were not designed with modern storage needs in mind.

For those struggling with limited closet space, it can be helpful to know which cities have the smallest closets. This information can help potential renters or homeowners make more informed decisions about where to live and what to expect in terms of storage space. While closet sizes can vary widely depending on the building and neighborhood, some cities are known for having particularly small closets, which can be a major consideration for those looking for a place to call home.

Cities with the Smallest Closets

When it comes to living in a city, closet space can be a valuable commodity. Whether it’s for storing clothes, shoes, or other personal items, having enough closet space can make a big difference in how comfortable and organized a living space can be. Unfortunately, not all cities are created equal when it comes to closet size. In this section, we’ll explore some of the cities with the smallest closets and why closet size matters.

Why Closet Size Matters

Having a small closet can be a real challenge for anyone, especially those who have a lot of clothes or other items to store. Small closets can make it difficult to keep things organized and can lead to cluttered living spaces. Additionally, small closets can limit the amount of clothes and personal items a person can own, which can be frustrating for those who enjoy fashion or have a lot of sentimental items they want to keep.

Factors that Affect Closet Size

There are several factors that can affect the size of closets in a city. One of the biggest factors is the age of the buildings. Older buildings often have smaller closets, as they were built during a time when people owned fewer clothes and had less stuff in general. Other factors that can affect closet size include the cost of living, the size of the apartments or homes, and the overall design of the living spaces.

Top 5 Cities with the Smallest Closets

While there are many cities with small closets, some are worse than others. Here are the top 5 cities with the smallest closets:

RankCityAverage Closet Size
1New York City, NY3 feet by 3 feet
2San Francisco, CA3 feet by 4 feet
3Boston, MA3 feet by 5 feet
4Chicago, IL4 feet by 4 feet
5Washington, DC4 feet by 5 feet

As you can see, New York City has the smallest closets in the country, with an average size of just 3 feet by 3 feet. San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, and Washington, DC all have relatively small closets as well, making it a challenge for residents to store all of their personal items.

Tips for Maximizing Small Closets

Small closets can be a challenge, but with a few tips and tricks, you can make the most of your space.

Organizing Strategies

When it comes to organizing a small closet, the first step is to declutter. Get rid of anything you haven’t worn in the past year or items that no longer fit. Once you’ve decluttered, it’s time to organize what’s left. Here are some organizing strategies:

  • Group similar items together
  • Use hanging organizers for shoes, purses, and accessories
  • Use shelf dividers to keep stacks of clothing from toppling over
  • Use slimline hangers to maximize hanging space

Storage Solutions

Storage solutions can make a big difference in a small closet. Here are some ideas to consider:

Storage SolutionDescription
Under-bed storageStore out-of-season clothing or shoes in plastic bins that slide under the bed.
Over-the-door organizersUse over-the-door organizers to store shoes, accessories, or even jewelry.
Storage ottomansUse a storage ottoman to store extra blankets, pillows, or clothing.

Design Tricks

With a few design tricks, you can make a small closet feel bigger. Here are some ideas to try:

  • Paint the walls a light color to create the illusion of more space
  • Use a mirror to reflect light and make the space feel brighter
  • Add lighting to make it easier to see what’s in the closet
  • Remove the closet door to make the space feel more open


The cities with the smallest closets are a challenge for residents who need to find space for their belongings. While some cities have more space-efficient closet designs, others simply lack the square footage to accommodate large closets.

Residents of these cities must be creative with their storage solutions, utilizing under-bed storage, over-door hooks, and other space-saving techniques. It is important for residents to prioritize their belongings and only keep what they truly need in order to make the most of their limited closet space.

Overall, the size of a closet may not be the most important factor when choosing a place to live. Other factors such as cost of living, job opportunities, and quality of life should also be considered. However, for those who value ample closet space, it may be wise to avoid cities with small closets and opt for cities with more spacious designs.

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